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Dogs Judging Critique by Donna Linford

Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Club Open Show
Sunday 7th October 2018

Minor Puppy Dog (5,1a)
1. Hull’s Mohnesee’s Dream Date of Lizmark
Eight month old golden sable youngster, who is another fine example from this prestigious kennels that consistently breeds to type. With an overall combination of an elegant head and neck, dark almond shaped eye, well angulated shoulder, lovely angulated stifles, he presented the picture of loveliness and showed his socks off to take BDP & BPIS
2. Spencer’s Balidorn Rock Star
Sable baby of just six months. Nicely made. Strong, clean bone and correct length of tail.
3. Fuller’s Jacanshe Circus of Life
4. Botham’s Balidorn Black Spice

Puppy Dog (2)
1. Bennett’s Marsula My Sunshine
Exquisite, shaded sable in colour. Well rounded muzzle, good filling in foreface, flat cheeks merging to well rounded muzzle and good underjaw. This young man of almost ten months had good bone, good shoulder and rear angulation and was pleasing on the move.
2. Sutherland’s Richmaus Ted Boy
Golden sable with wedged shaped head, correct ear placement and tipping forward, all combining to give a sweet expression. A little loose on movement but this should come as he develops into an adult.

Maiden Dog (2)
1. Fuller’s Jacanshe Circus of Life
Seven month old. Still waiting for his coat, but his blue colour was beautiful and clear. Pleasing head, semi erect ears with a natural tip, fantastic, proud arched neck. Muscular thigh and lovely long tail. Still very much a babe, but he has time on his side. I hope he has a glowing future.
2. Sutherland’s Richmaus Ted Boy

Novice Dog (2,1a)
1. Fuller’s Jacanshe Circus of Life

Junior Dog (2)
1. Gamble’s Solyric Inaugural Gold
Lovely, appealing head on this young man, with a combination of correct eye and
ear placement, flat skull, level planes, correct amount of stop and scissor bite. Missing
his jacket today. All over a lovely shape but I would prefer a bit more of him.
2. Edwards’Castlerose Foxtrot
Rich golden sable colour of good size and bone. Flat skull and cheeks, well
developed underjaw and correctly placed ears. Level topline, sweep of croup and
good length of tail. Close decision, but just preferred the overall appearance of
balance of 1.

Yearling Dog (2)
1. Edwards’ Castlerose Foxtrot
2. Braddish’s Tooralies Nimbus
Blue merle dog in good coat. Deep chest, graceful sweep over croup to a good
length of tail with a slight upward sweep. Would prefer a little more refinement in the

Graduate Dog (5)
1. Chatterley’s Silver Coin
What a beauty! This young man caught my eye the minute he entered the ring.
Outstanding shape, spot on for size, good bone and muscle structure. Groomed to
perfection. Flexible pasterns and well-padded feet. Well let down hocks. He did not
disappoint on the move. I would prefer less black splashing, but his blue is of the
required colour. That said, there is no doubting his qualities and I am sure he could
easily do a day’s work. BD, BOS, RBIS
2. Taylor and Daniels’ Pepperhill Cruise Control
Blue merle boy of a nice size. Sweet eye, good ear carriage, scissor bite. Well arched
neck of good length. Well laid back shoulders, good muscle tone and strode out on
the move.

Post Graduate Dog (8)
1. Woolley’s Pepperhill In the Moment At Valjon
Gorgeous tri colour boy that just keeps getting better and better. Jet black, well fitted
coat of correct texture. Superb bone and flexible pasterns. His dark, almond shaped
eyes are quite captivating. Combined with the correct ear placement, he has a
simply divine, melting expression.
2. Savage’s Puncknowle Star Gazer at Savataurus JW Sh CM CJW15
Blue merle boy. Lovely colour blue. Almond eye and erect ears, tipping nicely. Good
underjaw. Elegant sweep over loins.
3. Isdale’s Viewdale Cuddly Dudley JW

Limit Dog (3)
1. Stafford’s Rannerdale The Entertainer
Striking, eye catching golden sable in colour, this young man had a sweet yet
masculine head, nice deep chest, well sprung rips, great muscle tone and good
length of tail. Very well presented.
2. Edwards’ Castlerose Star Turn JW Sh CM
Handsome tri colour with deep rich tan markings. Deepest black, healthy coat. In
good bone. Lovely topline and sweep over loins. Pleasing on the move.
3. Saunders’ Chalmoor Shades of Gold at Fernfrey JW

Open Dog (4, 1a)
1. Van Ulsen’s CIB/SE/DK/NL/Lux/DE Ch Lundecock’s Surprise Packet
Golden sable and white of outstanding quality and lots of ring presence. Beautifully
presented. I loved his head with his sweet, dark eye. Beautifully placed ears. Proud,
arched neck. Good chest and rear. In superb condition. He simply floated around
the ring in perfect harmony with his expert young handler. I did consider him seriously
for top honours, but preferred the shape of my best dog, although there was not much
between them. RBD
2. Clubley’s Mossvale Frosty Moon
Blue merle. Nice erect ears with the required tip forward. Deep chest. Well sprung
ribs. Tail reached to hocks. OK on movement.
3. Dixon’s Tachnamadra Toffee Apple

Veteran Dog (4, 1a)
1. Pattinson’s Kyleburn Acis
Ten year old gent, who had a coat in beautiful condition, of a delicious shaded sable
colour. Lovely shaped head, nicely rounded cheeks. Good bone, flexible pasterns,
well padded feet, good bend of stifle. Strode out today. BVD & BVIS
2. Saunder’s Dunbrae Bond’s Wish of Gold for Fernfrey
Golden sable boy of 8 years. In good bone and muscle tone. Nicely placed ears.
Good angulation front and back. Good on the move.
3. Rule’s Edglonian Let’s Rock at Bleatarn

Special Owners (4)
1. Clubley’s Mossvale Frosty Moon
2. Gamble’s Solyric Inaugural Gold
3. Dixon’s Tachnamadra Toffee Apple

Breeders Open Dog – Bred by Exhibitor (8)
1. Chatterley’s Silver Coin
2. Stafford’s Rannerdale Lord Fawlty
Lovely dark eye on this sable and white handsome four year old, giving an appealing
expression. Nicely made with good front and rear angulation, well sprung ribs, nice
bend of stifle and well let down hocks.
3. Jacob’s Willowthorn Dream Gazer

Special Open Dog – Not Bred by Exhibitor (3)
1. Officer’s Castlerose a Shropshire Lad
Golden sable. Good reach of neck. Good lay of shoulders. Nice level topline and
sweep over croup. Good length of tail.
2. Varnom’s Milesend Morning Time
Shaded sable. Scissor bite. Well sprung ribs. Nice bend of stifle. Well padded feet.
Good length of tail. Moved OK.
3. Dixon’s Tachnamadra Toffee Apple

Special Open Dog – Sable & White (7,1a)
1. Van Ulsen’s CIB/SE/DK/NL/Lux/DE Ch Lundecock’s Surprise Packet
2. Rule’s Edglonian Let’s Rock At Bleatarn
Deep, shaded sable gentleman of 9 years old who can still cover the ground with
ease. Blunt, wedge shaped head, nice, flat skull, the correct amount of stop, good
3. Gamble’s Solyric Inaugural Gold

Special Open Dog – Tricolour/Black & White/Black & Tan (2,1a)
1. Woolley’s Pepperhill In The Moment at Valjon

Special Open Dog – Blue Merle (5)
1. Edwards’ Castlerose Spiritmaster JW Sh CM
Lovely masculine blue merle boy with the most captivating expression. An ice white
blaze and bright, aqua blue eyes on a classic wedge head, he is quite eye catching.
He did not disappoint on closer inspection of his overall construction and covered the
ground with ease.
2. Taylor & Daniels’ Pepperhill Cruise Control
3. Clubley’s Mossvale Frosty Moon

Donna Linford (Hillhenry)








I would like to thank the committee for my invitation to judge Bitches at this pleasant and well run show. I would especially like to thank my very efficient steward Heather Bendelow. My co judge Donna Lindford and myself were in agreement for the major awards with BIS being awarded to the Bitch Rannerdale Queen of the North and RBIS going to the Dog Silver Coin, BPIS was Mohnesee’s Dream Date of Lizmark with BVIS being awarded to Kyleburn Acis.

MPB    1. Rule’s Bleatarn Gee Wizz (naf).   8 month old S/W.  Good for size and substance having correct amount of bone and good depth to chest. Well placed shoulder with matching return of upper arm. Moved true in front and behind and stands parallel both fore and aft.
2.  Fuller’s Jacanshe Elsa’s Winter Waltz.  At just 7 months old she is still a raw baby but quite a glamour girl with a full white collar and her BM coat is well broken and of the most lovely silver blue colouration. Rather reluctant to use her ears today day but she moved out OK single tracking correctly.
3.  Hull’s   Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds.

PB   1.  Jacobs and Johnson’s Marsullas Nikkoletta    11 month old Tri colour with sparkling jet black coat. Clean muzzle with smooth moulded cheeks and tight fitting lips. Carries and uses her ears well. Well angulated both in front and behind having good bone throughout. Firm level topline leads into pleasing sweep over croup. Tail of good length and carried low. Moved out well looking like she could do a good days work. BPB.
2.  Clubley’s Mossvale Blue Star. 11 month very pretty feminine BM. Perfect colouration with coat of clear blue lightly splashed with black. Very sweet head with obliquely set almond shape eyes, ears are carried and used well, she has a lovely expression. Good length and return of upper arm. Stands on straight front legs having desired flex of pastern with neat well-padded feet.
3.  Rule’s Bleatarn Gee Wizz.   

MB    1.  Clubley’s Mossvale Blue Star.
2. Fuller’s Jacanshe Elsa’s Winter Waltz.

NB   1. Clubley’s Mossvale Night Star. Ideal size 11 month tri colour puppy. Nicely balanced overall shape which is enhanced by a fitting jacket of pure black. Good neck leads into level topline ending with desired sweep over croup. Her tail is of good length and is carried low. Stands four square.
2.  Rule’s Bleatarn Gee Wizz. 
3.  Gamble’s Solyric Original Gold.

JB   1.  Mossvale Night Star.
2.  Hanson’s Hillhenry Secret Kiss with Basilbrooke. Tri colour with well-made head having moulded muzzle, good stop and dark almond shape obliquely set eyes. Sadly she has rather heavy ears which detracts from her otherwise nice expression. Level topline with well sprung ribcage. Well-constructed both in front and behind her movement was true coming and going.
3.  Lundecock’s Never Look Back

YB   1. Edward’s Castlerose Babushka.  S/W with head carried on neck of good length. A bit in between coats but this only helped to show off her racy shape. Sweet balanced head with level planes, flat skull and the correct amount of stop. Obliquely set almond shape eyes, her ears are set and used well. Moved well.
2. Fitz-Harris Abeula Caed Mile Failte. Lightly shaded red S/W.

GB   1. Wallis’s Peartbrook Perle D’or.  S/W in full coat. Very sweet expression. Her head has a cleanly moulded muzzle with firm underjaw, smooth cheeks, ideal stop, parallel planes and lovely dark obliquely set almond shape eyes. Her ears are set and carried perfectly - she used them non-stop.  Pleasing layback of shoulder and matching return of upper arm coupled with well angulated hind quarters enabled her to move freely. She is ideal for size and has a lovely balanced shape. RBB. 
2.  Durn’s Leanai Little Boots. Shaded S/W. Another young lady who has a pleasing head and expression. Good well placed clean stop, ears are set and carried well. Level topline. Good bend of stifle. She moved out well. 

PGB   1. Tindale’s   Janrickap Imperial Topaz. Rich red shaded S/W with full white collar. Her head has a well filled muzzle with good underjaw, lovely almond shape eyes but would prefer tighter ear set. She is in between coats at the moment but she has a good length of neck and is decently constructed throughout. She would benefit from carrying less weight as this adversely affects her movement.

LB   1. Saunder’s   Chalmoor I’m A Peach at Fernfrey. Rich red shaded S/W. Not wearing a full jacket today but what she had fitted her well and was of good texture. She is very soundly constructed both in front and behind which enabled her to move around the ring with plenty of reach and drive giving the impression she could a good days work.
2.   Fenton’s   Shannmies Tropical Blue. 2 yr. old BM of good colour who I have admired since previously awarding her a BPIS. She has a lovely head with a sweet expression. She is very well constructed throughout and when viewed in profile she is a lovely shape. Today she was slightly overweight which prevented her from matching the freedom of movement of the class winner.
3.  Ritchie’s Jaelis Mystique Reflection JW.

OB   1.   Tindale’s Janrickap Imperial Topaz.

VB     1.   Walker’s Tooralie L’Exceptional.  S/W in good coat. Her head is carried on a long neck which leads into very well laid shoulders with excellent return of upper arm. She has straight front legs with firm but flexible pasterns and her body has a deep chest with well sprung ribs. Powerful well angulated hind quarters coupled with her forehand angulation enable her to move effortlessly around the ring with reach and drive looking like she could work all day.  BVB.
2.  Stafford’s Ch Rannerdale Star of the North.  S/W in profuse coat of good texture. Pretty head having dark well placed eyes and neat ears combining to give desired expression. Good for size and bone. Very good hind angulation.  
3.   Saunder’s Maryville Pollyanna at Shatay. 

SPEC OWNER’S B   1.   Wallis’s Peartbrook Perle D’or.  RBB.
2.  Clubley’s   Mossvale Blue Star.
3.  Fitz-Harris   Abeula Caed Mile Failte.

BREEDER’S OB   1.  Fenton’s Shannmies Tropical Blue.
2.  Fitz-Harris   Abeula Caed Mile Failte.
3.  Durn’s Leanai Little Boots.

NBBE   1. Wallis’s Peartbrook Perle D’or.  RBB.  
2.   Gamble’s Balidorn Solitude at Solyric.  S/W. Pleasing head pattern with dark well placed eyes. She is elegant and of racy shape having good length of neck which leads into a firm level topline. Hind legs have very good bend of stifle. Moved out well.
3.  Hanson’s   Hillhenry Secret Kiss With Basilbrooke.

S/WB   1.  Stafford’s Rannerdale Queen of the North.  Glamorous rich red S/W in full coat. Beautiful head having good underjaw, tight fitting lips, dark well placed eyes, correct stop and ears which are perfectly carried and used well. Her head is carried on an arched neck of good length. She has lovely layback of shoulder and return of upper arm coupled with matching equally well angulated rear quarters. Ideal for size and substance. Moved effortlessly around the ring covering the ground well.  BB + BIS. 
2.   Tindale’s Janrickap Imperial Topaz.

T/B+W/B+T   1.    Hanson’s Hillhenry Secret Kiss with Basilbrooke.
2.   Tindale’s Janrickap Black Onyx. Her head has dark eyes which are set well and of good shape, her ears are tipped and carried ok. Carrying a pure black coat, well done to keep it so dark after such a sunny summer. Moved OK and stands nicely parallel behind.

BMB   1.   Fenton’s Shannmies Tropical Blue.
2.  Fuller’s  Jacanshe Elsa’s Winter Waltz.





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